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Christopher Columbus and His Goals Essay - 1901 Words

Christopher Columbus and his goalsCertainly, Columbus was a devout Catholic. He lived during the period of the great Spanish Inquisition, which led to the defeat of the Jews and Muslims. Perhaps he wanted to continue the Spanish legacy and spread the faith toward the west. However, personal ambitions may have also sparked Columbuss interest in finding a water route to the Indies. He asks for gold many times from the natives and searches all the islands in hopes of discovering more. He views the natives as a source of economical benefit, hoping to employ them for practical purposes. Even though there are not any indications of immense amounts of gold and spices in the New World, Columbus continues to ask for more Spanish support in order†¦show more content†¦The fact that Columbus is able to walk around the garden shows that he believes he is such a pure figure. Columbus also stresses that it is only by Gods permission that one can enter Eden, no one can enter except by Gods leave. Thus he has been chosen by God to rediscover heaven on earth and has been given a divine purpose. Throughout his logbooks, Columbus portrays himself as a righteous man on a quest for God, therefore implying the wholesomeness of all his actions. Many of his actions signify Columbuss belief that he had truly discovered the Garden of Eden. He constantly describes the natives as being naked as their mothers bore them. These descriptions begin almost every introduction about a new group of natives during the first voyage implying that most if not all the Indians were not clothed. They obviously were quite comfortable without any attire since it appeared to Columbus that no one was fully dressed. Columbus adds the phrase As their mothers bore them to show the childlike qualities of the Indians. When a child first enters the world, he or she has not committed any sin, because there has not been enough time or opportunities. Columbus views the natives as innocent beings. The bible produces a similar account of Adam and Eve, the inhabitants of Eden, And they were both naked, the man and his wife and were not ashamed. (Genesis 2:25) They lived in harmonyShow MoreRelatedGlobal Exploration and Global Empires 1500-1700 Essay1545 Words   |  7 Pagesvoyages of a few adventurers show that the Spanish and Portuguese goals were to spread Catholicism, expand trade, and expand the kingdom of the Spanish and the Portuguese to the new lands they’ve discovered. These adventures were Christopher Columbus who attempted to find a new route to Asia to extend Spain’s trade and to colonize, Bartholomew Columbus and his successful founding of  Santo Domingo, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and his companion’s successful spread of Catholic religion to many IndiansRead MoreChristopher Columbus: Not a Hero1057 Words   |  5 PagesHave you ever wondered why America has had an annual holiday known as Columbus Day ever since the early 1900s? While enjoying the day off has the question of why an Italian explorer has a day dedicated to him in America ever occurred to you? Probably not, but every American with at least an elementary education has the general knowledge that Christopher Columbus is the hero credited with discovering America. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to even say that he is a national icon. In actuality, he’sRead MoreChristopher Columbus And The New World847 Words   |  4 PagesChristopher Columbus was born in 1451, in his childhood, Columbus is a boy has proved to be a sea charm and ambition want to become sailors. Columbus hired to work on a sailing ship in the convent and then the Columbus expedition begins. On day, in the early morning of October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus mariners stepped ashore an island in America, a land that no one known. This is a historic event, it was a prelude to understanding the New World, and led to the proliferation of western civilizationRead MoreDisadvantages Of Christopher Columbus804 Words   |  4 PagesChristopher Columbus was an explorer, navigator, and survivalist who was born and raised in Italy as the eldest son to Domenico Colombo and Susanna Fontanarossa. Columbus went on many explorations, but his most fam ous was his exploration to the new world. For this exploration Columbus managed to convince the Spanish monarchs, King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella, to hire an Italian explorer to work for the Spanish government. There are many advantages and disadvantages to hiring an explorer fromRead MoreEssay about Compare contrast953 Words   |  4 Pages Compare and Contrast Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong were both explorers who captivated the world with their amazing explorations. Their paths shared many traits, though their discoveries were very different. While Armstrong was the first man on the moon on July 20, 1969, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue about four hundred years earlier to find the â€Å"new world†. While both Columbus and Armstrong had amazing explorations, Columbus made a discovery that would start mankindRead MoreChristopher Columbus And Bartolome De La Casas998 Words   |  4 PagesChristopher Columbus and Bartolome de la Casas Christopher Columbus and Bartolome de la Casas are similar in most ways but have a major difference. They were both explorers of the New World and came to convert the natives into Catholics. The two explorers worked on the Spanish’s behalf. Columbus wrote accounts of the New World in his journal. La Casas wrote the Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies. Both gave accounts of the native people they saw. Columbus’s journal entries aim to giveRead MoreChristopher Columbus : Hero Or Villain?884 Words   |  4 PagesRian White Crawford 3rd Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain? In elementary school students are taught that Christopher Columbus is some godly hero who discovered that the earth was round and a shorter route to â€Å"Asia†. They even have a day dedicated to him. Typically, children are gullible and just believe what they are taught, rather than actually researching and learning the history on their own. As a child one’s brain is not developed enough to possess a sense of moral discernment. Also, childrenRead MoreThe Discovery Of The New World1178 Words   |  5 Pagesthe luxuries of today? To answer that question, Christopher Columbus is credited with the discovery of â€Å"The New World† as we know today as America. He is referred to as one of the greatest discovers’ during the Age of Discovery. Christopher Columbus is an Italian explorer, navigator, and colonizer. He was born in 1451 in the Republic of Genoa, Italy. He was the son of a wool merchant. When he was barely in his adolescent years, he worked with his father but later went to sea at the age of fourteenRead MoreEssay on The Mental World of Christopher Columbus911 Words   |  4 PagesWorld Of Christopher Columbus Supported by Spain, seeking a water route to the spice islands in 1492 Christopher Columbus left Spain on his first voyage. After more then a month had passed, the crew started to loose all hope and the voyage seemed like a failure. Until on October 12, 1492 land was sighted. The land that was sighted was not what Columbus had originally intended to find. Columbus landed in the Caribbean Sea in the Bahamas, which was thousands of miles away from his originalRead MoreGetting to Know Christopher Columbus911 Words   |  4 PagesChristopher Columbus, as we now know he accomplished a lot during his life. Although many are disputed and questions have been raised as to why we celebrate Columbus Day. One could find the when, how and where of Christopher Columbus an interesting subject for discourse. After all, we are talking about the man who discovered the land we now call America. We will not even consider the people, the Native Americans who lived here first as discovering America. Ma ybe it should be taught just a tad differently

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The Psychology Of The Social Injustice Of Women - 937 Words

Introduction Writing in Psychology is solely up to psychologists themselves. There is no required type of writing; most psychologists perform patient reports or case studies, but many choose what they will do with the patient. Different types of writings include books, journals, notes, evaluations/analyses, and tests/assessments. Books and Journals Writing in psychology can range from an analysis, journals, or books. Many psychologists write pieces along the lines of an evaluation or analysis of a patient; meetings are confidential, meaning that psychologists cannot share content about the patient. In psychology, one can write about an example, or elaborate on the information one has found. One can continue the writing to a greater source such as journals, and textbooks. Margaret W Matlin (2010), took her writings to the next level by publishing a textbook on The Psychology of Women. Within her textbook, she talks about the social injustice of women. Matlin (2010) kept her audience broad to cater to both genders interested in the psychology of women. According to Margaret Matlin, â€Å"Our discipline is also changing in a fourth way, because people’s behaviors, attitudes, and skills are continually evolving† (p. 169). Writing to a general audience in this context about this political issue meets her rhetorical goa l of explaining the psychology of women in depth. This type of writing fits my career goals because I want to be able to write a major piece about psychology inShow MoreRelatedThe injustice in health care1425 Words   |  6 PagesGAC0013 Assessment Event 4: Reading and writing Essay The injustice in health care Student’s Name: Jessie Student ID: QING24958 Teacher: Lynken Ghose Due Date: 27/08/2013 Word Count: 1350 Partner’s Name: Sylvia Question: â€Å"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane† (Martin Luther King, Jr.). Do you agree with this statement? Write an essay persuading readers of your point of view. Support your argument with evidence from appropriate sourcesRead MoreThe noun feminism is derived from the French in the 19th century . It refers to the campaign at700 Words   |  3 Pagesis derived from the French in the 19th century . It refers to the campaign at first but now women have been endowed with greater meaning when it is used extensively in many places. Feminism was born because there are those who feel that women have been oppressed by injustice exists between man and woman . Oppression of women is a human act under social institution and it is not biologkal . Thus, the women themselves able to change this situation . Theories of feminism has changed and modified afterRead MoreSocial Injustice in America1354 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Psychology April 15th 2012 Social Oppression in America Social oppression is socially supported mistreatment and exploitation of a group or category of people by anyone. Oppressors usually suffer from the need to be Socially Dominant over others in order to retain power or assert power (Sidanius, Jim.  Social Dominance: An Intergroup Theory of Social Hierarchy and Oppression. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2001.). Social dominance is commonly the root cause of social oppression. The UnitedRead MoreTaking a Look at Health Psychology907 Words   |  4 Pagesof health and illness, with an increasing focus on an interaction between the mind and the body. This shift in perspective is demonstrated of a holistic or a whole-person approach to health. Therefore, Health psychology maintains that the mind and body interact. Moreover, Health psychology is the study of psychological and behavioural processes of health, illness, and healthcare. It is apprehensive with the consideration of how psychological, behavioural, and cultural aspect to physical he alth andRead MoreA Personal Revolt Against The Rising Rape Culture Essay1564 Words   |  7 PagesPREFACE This project begun as a personal revolt against the rising rape culture and sexual assaults in India when three of my closest female friends got sexually assaulted in Delhi this May. These were young financially independent and headstrong women yet they felt completely powerless after this event and could not report it. This normality around rape and assault led me to probe into the root cause and cultural implications around it. SUMMARY It startedRead MoreSociological And Common Sense Understanding1341 Words   |  6 PagesSociology Throughout this essay, I will explain the distinction between sociological and common sense understanding, highlight the differences between sociology and other social sciences, and evaluate two sociological perspectives – Marxism and feminism. Sociology is the scientific study of human society. It examines the development of social structures, and the interaction between these structures and human behaviour. Sociologists aim to provide tools of understanding the process of socialisation, andRead MoreHorney1624 Words   |  7 PagesWomen in Psychology Paper Shanda L. Ludwig PSY/310 September 11, 2011 Dr. Matt Pearcey Women in Psychology Paper It was not until the 1890s that women were allowed access to training in most fields of study, including psychology. Since that time many have made significant theoretical contributions to the field of psychology and our understanding of psychodynamic thought including the works of Karen Horney (1885–1952). She was a psychoanalyst best known for her work on neurosis and copingRead MoreDiscrimination Based On Gender And Gender Discrimination1574 Words   |  7 Pagesfoster stereotypes of social roles based on gender (Women and Gender Discrimination). Sexism is a social injustice that is not applied only to women but, to men as well. Certain personalities and characteristics are expected from both genders starting as children. Little girls are expected to play with dolls, while little boys are expected to play rough. These small seeds planted into children over time grow, and produce the men and women who make up society. In psychology you have a term calledRead MoreThe Psycho logy Of Women Class1361 Words   |  6 PagesIntersectionality was a term I was not familiar with until I enrolled in the Psychology of Women class. Intersectionality was a concept that I had a very difficult time grasping. As comprehension was dawning I would attempt to engage others in conversation on intersectionality and they too did not know what intersectionality was. I quickly realized that intersectionality was an intricate part of oppression, racism, and discrimination. To take a stand against one is to take a stand against all. TheRead MoreThe Case Of Brown V. Board Of Education982 Words   |  4 Pageseducation system. In choosing Brown v. Board of Education, a case which continues to have a great impact to this day, taking into consideration what was occurring at the time is how this case can be fathom. Today, equality is flawed, but far from the injustices of the 50s. However, steps such as the case of Brown v. Board of Education, others alike, and they were more than a court cases; the revolution needed for change. â€Å"On May 17, 1954, the Supreme Court issued its landmark Brown v. Board of Education

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Essay On Self Preservation In The Tempest - 1257 Words

Self-preservation and moral obligation are essential in decision-making. These two principles are juxtaposed to each other as either end of the spectrum results in unfavourable and immoral actions. Excessive focus on self-protection creates a lack of morality as one places emphasis on himself or herself instead of on others. Conversely, excessive emphasis on morality and justice causes immoral actions based on the belief that the sins of others must be avenged. Shakespeare’s The Tempest displays this theme of the struggle between self-protection and morality through Prospero and his relations with his two servants. Prospero’s relationship with Ariel and Caliban depict the necessity of balancing self-preservation and moral obligation†¦show more content†¦Prospero simply acts based on what is best for himself, and in doing so, he creates the immoral behaviour in Caliban as Prospero â€Å"[kept] from [him] the rest o’ the island† (1.2.343-344). In or der to prevent Caliban from performing immoral acts, Prospero forces him into a cave and uses magic to terrorize Caliban into submission. This act of self-protection results in Prospero believing that he has the power to subjugate others, something which no one should have. The island belongs to Caliban and through Prospero’s desire for self-preservation, he cages Caliban so that he may â€Å"serve in offices / That profit [them]† (1.2.312-313). He only keeps Caliban alive because he needs him for slave labour. These immoral actions are the result of the notion of self-preservation, they act immorally because of the need for survival. Prospero’s interactions with Ariel depict the extremes of letting moral obligation prevail. Prospero calls upon Ariel to become a harpy and proclaim the sins of the king and his followers. Prospero’s desire for righteousness by causing pain and suffering for Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian shows a disregard for life as a result of moral justice. Prospero believes that he deserves vengeance for their immoral deeds. This sentiment is based on moral justice. Prospero uses Ariel so that his proclamation of their sins seems more realistic. Ariel becomes an illusionary instrumentShow MoreRelatedEssay on William Shakespeares The Tempest2363 Words   |  10 PagesWilliam Shakespeares The Tempest Generally acknowledged as one of Shakespeares final plays, The Tempest may be described as a romantic tragi-comedy - where love and contentment prosper despite the threatening presence of evil forces. However, beyond the almost fairy-tale like exterior lies a seemingly direct approach to a greatly topical debate at the time. This was the supposed contrast between civilised and uncivilised persons, brought to the fore as a resultRead MoreCleanth Brookss Essay Irony as a Principle of Structure9125 Words   |  37 PagesHistory and Class Consciousness Preface THE collection and publication of these essays in book form is not intended to give them a greater importance as a whole than would be due to each individually. For the most part they are attempts, arising out of actual work for the party, to clarify the theoretical problems of the revolutionary movement in the mind ,of the author and his readers. The exceptions to this are the two essays Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat and Towards a MethodologyRead MoreGp Essay Mainpoints24643 Words   |  99 Pages GP NOTES 2010 (ESSAY) Content Page 1. Media a. New vs. Traditional b. New: narcissistic? c. Government Censorship d. Profit-driven Media e. Advertising f. Private life of public figures g. Celebrity as a role model h. Blame media for our problems i. Power + Responsibility of Media j. Media ethics k. New Media and Democracy 2. Science/Tech a. Science and Ethics b. Government and scientist role in science c. Rely too much on technology? d. Nuclear technologyRead MoreA Picatrix Miscellany52019 Words   |  209 PagesChapter 7 is very long and consists for the most part of avowed and verbatim extracts from the Nabataean Agriculture, e.g., how the bay tree spoke to the gardener in a dream, the debate over precedence between the marshmallow and the mandrake, the self-commendation of the olive tree and how a sleeping king was apprised by a tree that his servant, disregarding the royal command in anticipation of the royal remorse, had spared the life of the queen. The other extracts are, in the main, explanationsRead MoreIgbo Dictionary129408 Words   |  518 Pagesillustrated the meaning and use of words; the great majority of the examples are due to him. Their merit is that they are not translations from English, but natural Igbo sentences elicited only by the stimulus of the word they illustrate. The short essays which appear from time to time (e.g. under otà ¹tà ¹, à ²Ã¯â‚¬ ¤gbanÌ„je) on aspects of culture are also his work, as are the sketches which served as basis for the illustrations, a large number of new words, and various features of the arrangement. When he had

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Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr. Essay - 1420 Words

Desegregation is something that many different people over many years had to fight long and hard for, and Martin Luther King Jr. was one of them. King, the author of â€Å"Letters from Birmingham Jail†, was an ordained Baptist minister with a Ph.D. in theology from Boston University. He was an activist for racial equality and led many protest for desegregation. in the mid 1950’s and in the 1960’s. The letter, was composed while he and hundreds of other demonstrators were imprisoned for protesting against the treatment of African Americans in Birmingham, Alabama. It was written in response to eight of his fellow clergyman who questioned King’s methods of protesting while at the same time supporting the final outcome. Throughout the letter, King brings light to many serious ethical problems in America. One in particular, is a major cause of the Civil Rights Movement and is still present in part today: racial intolerance. Martin Luther King Jr. uses several l iterary elements such as different forms of persuasion, tone and extrinsic proofs to accurately handle the ethical problem of intolerance that African Americans were forced to face on a daily basis. The first draft of this letter was written specifically for the eight clergymen who he hoped to show that protest in Birmingham was necessary for racial equality. King establishes his character from the very start of the letter. In his salutation of this letter he says, â€Å"My dear fellow clergymen.† (1121). Since he wrote this as aShow MoreRelated Analysis of Letter from Birmingham by Martin Luther King Jr.937 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Letter from Birmingham by Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr., is one of the most recognized, if not the greatest civil rights activist in this century. He has written papers and given speeches on the civil rights movement, but one piece stands out as one of his best writings. â€Å"Letter from Birmingham† was an intriguing letter written by King in jail in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. He was responding to a letter written by eight Alabama Clergyman that was publishedRead MoreEssay on Critical Analysis of Martin Luther King, Jr.s Speech1674 Words   |  7 PagesCritical Analysis of Martin Luther King, Jr.s Speech Introduction In this critical analysis I am going to look at Martin Luther King, Jr and the I have a dream speech. Martin Luther King, Jr is very distinguished due to the many outstanding achievements he accomplished throughout his life. He was an American clergyman and he accomplished the Nobel Prize for one of the principal leaders of the American civil rights movement. Kings defiance to segregation andRead MoreAnalysis of Martin Luther King Jr.s Letter from Birmingham Jail962 Words   |  4 Pagesintangible, it is still necessary. Some forms of inspiration come as passionate love while others appeal as injustice. Martin Luther King Jr.s Letter from Birmingham Jail was a response to A Call for Unity by eight white clergymen. His inspiration for writing the letter was the clergymens unjust proposals and the letter allowed him to present his rebuttal. Martin Luther King Jr. effectively crafted his counter argument by first directly addressing his audience, the clergymen, and then using logosRead MoreSociological Analysis of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail1214 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Sociological Analysis of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail Abstract The paper analyses Martin Luther King, Jr.’s â€Å"Letter from a Birmingham Jail† from a sociological point of view and shows how three major theories (structural functionalism, social conflict, and symbolic interactionism) are treated in the letter. The paper shows different appreciation of King’s ideas and works by his contemporaries and modern people. It also explores the concepts of â€Å"nonviolentRead MoreAnalysis of Martin Luther King Jr. Warrior for Peace by Tanya Savory848 Words   |  4 Pages racism was very powerful and the white people were the most stronger people in the communities, however, it was only in some states of the United States Of America. In others the racism did not existed, for example according to the book â€Å"Martin Luther King Jr. Warrior For Peace†by â€Å"Tanya Savory† in one of the states that there was no racism was Connecticut. During the winter of 1928, in Montgomery, Alabama, a black girl who was only fifteen-year-old got on a city bus so she could go visitRead MoreAnalysis of Martin Luther King Jr. ´s Letter From Birmingham Jail771 Words   |  3 Pagesagainst the prejudice that they have to face, accomplish justice that every single one of them are fighting for. Dr. Martin Luther King, a leader of the protest against prejudice was able to pursue the rights for African American people. However eight of his fellow clergymen criticized his procedure to protest, but they still supported him. In the Letter from Birmingham Jail, King wanted to encourage others to rebel against the wrong, even if it is not wise it is right, he was optimistic and yetRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of I Have A Dream Speech By Martin Luther King Jr.815 Words   |  4 Pagessteps of the Lincoln Memorial more than two score years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King electrified America with his momentous I Have a Dream speech. Ai med at the entire nation, King’s main purpose in this speech was to convince his audience to demand racial justice towards the mistreated African Americans and to stand up together for the rights afforded to all under the Constitution. To further convey this purpose more effectively, King cleverly makes use of the rhetorical devices — ethos, pathos andRead MoreAn Analysis of Jonathan Swift and Martin Luther King Jr.’s Stylistic Devices2370 Words   |  10 PagesBirmingham Jail Martin Luther King Jr. has two different audiences. First he addresses the eight clergymen who wrote him the original statement posing a few questions they would like him to answer. But more importantly he writes to the white moderate, in particular those who are â€Å"lukewarm† on the issue at hand, segregation. These â€Å"lukewarm† people do not have a solid opinion either way, they merely â€Å"sit on the fence† waiting for some one to persuade them. Similar to Swift, King uses parallel structureRead MoreRhetorical Analysis of the I Have a Dream Speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.1219 Words   |  5 Pagesechoed throughout Washington D.C. August 28, 1963 as Martin Luther King Jr. paved the path to freedom for those suffering from racial segregation. It was the day of the March on Washington, which promoted Civil Rights and economic equality for African Americans. In order to share his feelings and dreams with the rest of the nation, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech encouraging all to overcome racial segregation. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech was very effective due to theRead MoreAnalysis of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s I Have A Dream Speech619 Words   |  3 Pages28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered one of the most famous speeches of all time to an audience of more than 200,000 civil rights supporters on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In his, â€Å"I have a dream† speech, King addressed his encouragement of white and black people working together to achieve racial peace and harmony. He especially wanted to teach the young blacks that equality could be gained through the use of non-violence. The main reason King used nonviolence

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Equity Securities/Tax and Estate Planning for Investment Law

Question: Discuss about theEquity Securities/Tax and Estate Planning for Investment Law. Answer: Bond Bond is also known as the security for fixed income and it is a debt instrument that is created for raising the capital. The bonds are generally regarded as the loan agreement among the investor and the issuer of bond where the issuer is obliged to pay certain specific amount at a specific date in future. When the investor purchases the bond he is loaning the amount to the issuer who generally raises the amount for any project. Most common risk associated with the bond is the risk of interest rate that is the risk that the prices of the bond will fall with the rise in the rates of interest. Through purchase of the bond, the bondholder commits to receive the fixed rate of return for the fixed term period. Various other risks associated with the bonds are the default risk, call risk, re-investment risk and inflation risk. Further, the coupon rate is affected if the interest rate in the market changed. Possible recurring incomes from bonds are from 2 ways interest payment that is known as the coupon over the lifetime of bond and from price fluctuation that depends on factors like interest rate (Bodie, 2013). Common stock Common stock is the securities that are represented by the equity ownership in any company, firm or organization. Common stock provides voting rights and enables the holder to get a share in the profit of the company through capital appreciation and dividend. However, in case of liquidation the common stock holder gets their right on the asset only after the preferred stockholders, debt holders and various other debt holders. Various risks associated with common stocks are the investment risk that is the prices are fluctuating and volatile. Further, there is lack of control as the success of the investor is dependent on the success of the company. Moreover, there is the risk regarding payment as in case of liquidation the preferred stock will not get paid till the higher rank of preferred debts are paid off. The dividend on common stocks is not guaranteed as the company at any time can eliminate or reduce the payment of dividend (Smith, 2015). Possible recurring incomes from bonds are from 2 ways capital gains through selling the stock of the company and dividend that is paid to the stock holder by the company. Preferred stock Like the common stock, the preferred stocks are represented by the equity ownership in any company, firm or organization. To be more specific, preferred stocks are rights on earnings and assets. as the name suggests, the preferred stocks carries few advantages like it gets the priority on getting the payment in case of bankruptcy and dividend. However, as like the common stock, preferred stock can also be sold and bought through the broker. Primary risks associated with the preferred stocks are that it is sensitive to the interest rates similar to the bonds as they pay fixed rate dividend. It is also exposed to industry sector risk as well as the credit risks. Further, it is associated with the call risk as most of the preferred shares are allowed to be redeemed on demand even before the date of actual redemption. Moreover, the dividend will not be pain if the company is not able to earn enough money to pay as dividend. Preference stock holder mainly gets recurring incomes through regular dividend Calculation of FCFF Given data EBIT 80.0 EBIT(1-T) 66.4 Capital expenditures 11.2 Depreciation and amortization 33.0 Increase in the net working capital 32.7 Interest payment 5.0 Tax rate 17% FCFF = EBIT(1-T) (Capital investment Depreciation) Additional investment in the working capital FCFF = 66.4 (11.2 33.0) 32.7 FCFF = 22.83 Calculation of FCFE FCFE = FCFF Loan repayments FCFE = 22.83 5 FCFE = 17.83 Impact of increasing dividend policy On FCFF The FCFF is free cash flow to the organization. Therefore, it involves all the free cash flows to the bond holders and the equity owners. However, if the company increases the payments of dividend, the equity owners will have more flow of cash from the dividends whereas they will be able to get less flow of cash from other sources. Bond holders will not be affected as the net dividends or incomes are not attributable to the bond holders (Pinto et al., 2013). Further, the entire cash flow to the bond holders as well as the equity owners will not change. On FCFE it is the free cash flow that is attributable to the equity. Therefore, it is quite obvious that it includes all the free cash flows to the equity owners containing the payments for dividends (Pinto et al., 2015). However, if the company increases the payment for dividends, the cash flow from other sources may reduce. Further, the total flow for free cash to the equity owners will not be affected. Impact on FCFF and FCFE due to interest rate change FCFF that is the free cash flow of any firm is the measure for the financial performance that states the total amount of cash generated for a company after taxes, expenses and the changes in investment and net working capital are deducted. On the other hand, the FCFE that is the free cash flow to the equity is the measure to analyse the amount of cash that can be distributed to equity shareholders of any company in form of stock buybacks or dividend after meeting all the expenses, debt repayments and reinvestment. The FCFE is also known as the levered free cash flow (Kumar, 2015). The FCFF can be calculated using the cash flow from the operations (CFO) or the net income. The computation of FCFF through CFO is same as the computation of FCF as the FCFF is that cash flow which is distributed to the investors containing the debt holders and interest expenses is the cash that is the cash available to the debt holders shall be added back. While valuing any firm, the FCF is to be calculated over number of years. Therefore, it is likely that the firma can change their financing policies during these long periods. Owing to this, the impact on the cash flow of required to be considered in the even t of changes in the financial policy. The analysts generally takes into consideration the factor that operation cost of the firm is likely to be changed. They take into account the factors like increase in the material cost, increase in the wages and the inflation (Kaviani, 2013). Impact on FCFF the total borrowing whether increased or paid back does not have any impact on the FCFF as the FCFF measures the cash flow created in the business and borrowing is not created in the business and therefore, the net effect of borrowing is zero (Rubio, 2015). Impact on FCFE the borrowing has an impact on FCFE as it is the cash that can be distributed to the shareholder if the management wishes so. However, unlike the company, that has to pay off the borrowing, equities do not have to pay off the borrowings and it is generally paid by from the operational cash flow (Alberro, 2015). Therefore, as the firm borrows money it becomes available to the equity which in turn increases the FCFE (Mielcarz Mlinari?, 2014). More the borrowings more the burden of interest and where no new borrowings are there, the firm has to pay the interest only. However, when the borrowing is paid back it will reduce the FCFE. Case study on Mr and Mrs Anthony Chan Soon Thoong Property tax is the tax on the property ownership. Further, it is not the tax on income that applies tax on the income from rent received by the property owner. Property tax becomes payable by all the owners of the property on property they own, irrespective of the fact that the property is occupied by the owner, let or or left vacant by the owner. However, if the property is leased, the tax on income is collected on rental income apart from the charges of property tax at the rate of 10% on the annual value. Further, if the property is occupied by the owner, the concessionary rate of tax can be claimed. At present the rate of tax on property is 10% of the annual value of property with the concessionary rate ranged from 0 to 6% for the homes occupied by the owner (Surico Trezzi, 2015). During 2013, the rebate with regard to HDB property tax was $ 40. Further, from 1st Jan 2014, the rate of tax on property shifted to the progressive system that is the Residential Property Tax Annual V alue and it was effective from 1st Jan 2014. Computation of net tax payable by Anthony Computation of income from employment and trade Particulars Amount Income Bonus for 5 months $ 35,000.00 Relevant course study $ 8,000.00 Exempt as incurred to enhance income $ (8,000.00) income from selling the books $ 12,500.00 Dividend received on stock portfolio $ 4,300.00 Total income of Anthony $ 51,800.00 Tax applicable 1st 20,000 $ - Next 10,000 @ 2% $ 200.00 Next 10,000 @ 3.5% $ 350.00 On balance amount $ 7% $ 826.00 Total income tax payable $ 1,376.00 Computation of property tax Particulars Amount Value of property $ 1,100,000.00 Tax applicable 1st 8,000 @ 0% $ - next 47,0000 @ 4% $ 1,880.00 next 15,000 @ 6% $ 900.00 next 15,000 @ 8% $ 1,200.00 Next 15,000 @ 10% $ 1,500.00 Next 15000 @ 12% $ 1,800.00 Next 15000 @ 14% $ 2,100.00 Balance amount @ 16% $ 155,200.00 Total property tax payable $ 164,580.00 Total tax payable by Anthony $ 165,956.00 Note Childcare relief is assumed to be availed by Mr. Anthonys wife Janet as she is also working and can file his return separately. In case of mortgage, Anthony will be liable to pay the stamp duty on the mortgage value. In case of sale of the property, the conveyancing lawyer will notify the new owner and the tax will be shared equally by Anthony and new owner. Therefore, Anthony will be liable to pay = 1,376 +(164,580*50%) = $ 83,666 Reference Alberro, J. (2015). Estimating Damages Using DCF: From Free Cash Flow to the Firm to Free Cash Flow to Equity (and Back).ICSID Review-Foreign Investment Law Journal,30(3), 689-698. Bodie, Z. (2013).Investments. McGraw-Hill. Kaviani, M. (2013). Study of information content economic value added in explain new models based on free cash flow (CVFCFF and CVFCFE).International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting,3(1), 277. Kumar, R. (2015).Valuation: Theories and concepts. Academic Press. Mielcarz, P., Mlinari?, F. (2014). The superiority of FCFF over EVA and FCFE in capital budgeting.Economic Research-Ekonomska IstraÃ… ¾ivanja,27(1), 559-572. Pinto, J. E., Henry, E., Robinson, T. R., Stowe, J. D. (2015).Equity asset valuation. John Wiley Sons. Pinto, J., Robinson, T. R., Rath, R. D., ASA, C. (2013). Equity Valuation. Rubio, A. (2015). How to Consider Excess Cash in Firm Valuation.Browser Download This Paper. Smith, E. L. (2015).Common stocks as long term investments. Pickle Partners Publishing. Surico, P., Trezzi, R. (2015). Consumer Spending and Property Taxes.

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Football match at school free essay sample

On November 18, 2013 there was a football match in the under than 15 school boy football league the game was played at the Jonathan grant high school oval. It was a match against the golden lions of Jonathan grant high and Spanish town high. This was a well anticipated match as fans turn out in their colors to support their teams. There were people in blue supporting the golden lions and some in yellow supporting Spanish town high. Match time was 12:30pm. The referees went out on the field followed by the players. Jonathan grant high was playing a 4-3-3- formation while Spanish town high was playing a 4-5-1 formation. The two (2) captains and the referee went in the center circle to flip a coin to see witch team would get the ball first. Jonathan grant won the coin toss and got the ball first. The match was on its way and in the 15th minute of play Spanish town scored their first goal and their fans cheered and shouted; GOAL, GOAL! A couple of Jonathan grant high school supporters telling them to stop. We will write a custom essay sample on Football match at school or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page An argument started between two supporters a security guard came and stopped them from fighting each other. As the game went on a Spanish town high player fouled an opponent in the 18yards box and the referee issued a yellow card to the Spanish town high player and a free kick to the golden lions. The number 9 player from the golden lions scored the free kick and their supporters went wild, the player did a couple of stunts as he ran to his coach and teammates at the sidelines. A couple of supporters were fighting on the sideline of the field while the game was in play, the supporters turned out to be students of both schools, one of the students drew for a rock and started hitting the other girl in with it. The principal came and part the altercation between the students and carried both students to his office. The game was is its 89th minute of play when a player of Jonathan grant high scored their second goal to secure the win for Jonathan grant high. Most of the supporters ran onto the field jumping for joy and congratulating the wining team when suddenly we heard a loud bang. A couple of Spanish town high supporters fired wild shots on the field then ran off leaving two (2) Jonathan grant high players injured along with the coach and three supporters. The police and ambulance were summand to the scene. Both the police and ambulance arrived at the same time with loud sirens and flashing lights. Medical personal attended to who was injured while police officers escorted the unhurt supporters through the gate. The six persons that were injured were taken to hospital for further care. The last score standings were Jonathan grant on (2) while Spanish town high on (1) Jonathan grant advanced to round two (2) of the competition.

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Hippocratic Bargain and Health Information Technology

Question: Discuss about the Hippocratic Bargain and Health Information Technology. Answer: Introduction Department Of Health (2003) describes patient confidentiality as the duty of confidence a healthcare provider bears to the information provided by a patient. The authors further mention that the information provided is should only be used to support the patients healthcare. In describing this further, Rothstein (2010) introduces the Oath of Hippocrates which allowed clinicians to provide patient information openly especially in presence of men who were empowered to make decisions for the other members of the community. However, times have changed. The Data Protection Act 1998 provides a legal framework for confidentiality of information. The principles that stand out include: Fair and lawful processing of information. Protection of personal data from theft, damage or loss. That personal data should only be processed for the lawful required purposes. Issues arising in accurate confidentiality of patient records Even with the legal guidelines provided, there are some aspects to confidentiality that need be further addressed. These include: Consent from the patient. Department of Health (2003) highlights that patients are required to provide necessary information that will enable healthcare providers offer them quality care. Clinicians should provide guidelines as to what information required and for what purpose. This way, in case a patient declines to give required information, they will bear no liability. Hassol et al. (2004), they notes that accurate records amount to better medical attention. They however observe that these records are mostly between 65% - 75% accurate which may be attributed to the fact that at times patients provide incorrect information or assume its relevancy. This emphasizes the important of the practitioner performing an orientation. Department Of Health (2003) stresses that it is important to seek consent before using records provided and also respect choices patients make with regards to providing information. That aside since most practitioners share patient records, when seeing a different person, patients should still be asked whether they would like that information to be used. (Rothstein, 2010). Communication by both parties Hassol et al (2004, pg. 505) highlights that good communication between healthcare providers and patients is necessary. Rothstein (2010, pg. 8) further states that in the times of Hippocrates communication mostly occurred in person which was limiting. However, technology has made things swift. It allows patients to schedule appointments, renew prescriptions, share information and clarify where there is doubt via modern forms of communication. (ibid). This also benefits the practitioners as they are allowed to send information beforehand to ensure patients understand procedures and guidelines. Use of personal data by clinicians Department Of Health (2003) introduces the Caldicott Principles which require practitioners to justify why they are sharing patients personal data and also act within the guidelines of the Data Protection Act 2008. Further to that, this information should only be accessed when necessary and there should be minimal identification of the patient to avoid issues such as gossiping. Conclusion To sum it up, confidentiality is the responsibility of healthcare providers. Patient record should be handled in a way that uphold their basic human rights. In handling theses records, practitioners should ask themselves whether their actions are in the patients best interests. List of References Department of Health. (November 2003). Confidentiality: NHS Code of Practice. Retrieved January 20, 2017 from Gateway Ref: 1656. Hassol, A., Walker, M, J., Kidder, D., Rokita, K., et al. (Nov / Dec 2004). Patient Experiences and Attitudes about Access to a Patient Electronic Health Care Record and Linked Web Messaging. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association; Volume 11, Number 6. Information Commissioners Office. 8 Data Protection Principles. Retrieved January 20, 2017 from Rothstein, A, M. (2010). The Hippocratic Bargain and Health Information Technology. The Effects of Health Information Technology on the Physician-Patient Relationship. Spring The Data Protection Act 1998. Retrieved January 20, 2017 from www.

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Robinson Crusoe Essays - English-language Films, British Films

Robinson Crusoe Robinson Crusoe was written by Daniel Defoe. The novel was first published in 1719. It tells the story of a young explorer who becomes marooned on a deserted island. His experiences of the island change his outlook on life. Daniel Defoe was a short story writer that came from an poor family. Defoe was poor for most of his life and made his living as a butcher and a writer. Defoe mostly wrote short stories and political essays. Robinson Crusoe was a combination of two short stories. Many believe Defoe used Robinson Crusoe to portray himself in a certain ways. The description was almost identical to his own and after his wife left him, he felt as if he was marooned on a deserted island. The story takes place in the 1700s on a deserted island somewhere off the coast of Brazil. The island is fairly large in size and has a small shore. The interior of the island has many trees, wild pigs and other small animals and a small cave in which Crusoe stores food. I walked about the shore lifting up my hands. Look around, I see nothing but water, a forest, and the remains of my ship. At first, I was afraid of wild animals but after some exploration of the land, the only animals I had seen were wild pigs, squirrels, and some small birds. The only possessions that Crusoe retrieved from the remains of his ship were a small knife, a box of tabacco, a pipe, and a small book that would later become his journal. Robinson Crusoe was a young and stubborn explorer. He was extremely tall and strong. His stay on the island changed him from a mean, stubborn man to an open-minded protestant. Standing at six feet, two inches and having my long, thick brown hair back in a ponytail, I felt as if I was eight feet tall. Without the permission of my parents, I was still sailing away from the misery. I held the cargo box is my strong arms, waiting to board my beautiful ship. Crusoe became a skilled craftsman and was an extremely religious man due to his stay on the island. Being the only man on the entire island, he established a faith in God. He also became more articulate from writing in a journal daily. Overall, his stay on the island changed Crusoe's life greatly. As the story begins, Robinson Crusoe defies his parents and sets out to sea. Crusoe encounters a series of violent storms at sea and ends up in Africa. He sets out on another voyage and is captured by the Sallee, a group of pirates. Luckily, he manages to escape and board a Portuguese ship and sail to Brazil. While in Brazil, Crusoe purchases a large sugar plantation. After leaving Brazil, he encounters another storm in which his ship is destroyed and he is marooned on an island as the only survivor. On the island, Crusoe gathers food and builds a small shelter. He writes in a journal to keep account of his stay. Crusoe becomes a skilled craftsman and begins to feel a spiritual connection with God. He also builds a small boat that he uses to sail around the island. After living on the island for fifteen years, Crusoe discovers that savages had landed on the island and that they perform human sacrifices. Crusoe helps a prisoner escape from these savages. He names the prisoner Friday and teaches him english. Together, they build a new boat and attempt to leave the island. However, Friday learns his father is a prisoner of the savages. Crusoe and Friday return and rescue his father and a Spaniard. The four men board a passing boat and gain control of it. Crusoe sails back to his native land to learn his sugar plantation has made him rich. He sells the plantation and marries. As the novel closes, Crusoe is persuaded to take a final voyage, back to the island. Robinson Crusoe is written using an English dialect. The narration of the novel is simple, informal and extremely easy to understand. However, Defoe uses verbose descriptions for characters. He was a comely, handsome fellow, perfectly well made, with strong limbs, not too large, tall and well-shaped, and I reckon he was about twenty years of age. The color of his skin was not quite black, but very tawny; and yet not of an ugly, yellow, nauseous tawny, as the Brazilians and Virginians, and other natives are; but of a bright