Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Pick a topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pick a topic - Essay Example Postal Service Nearing Bankruptcy as Email Asserts Its Dominance†(Wehner). Some people may regard this change in communication because technology has made it cheaper and faster to communicate than every before. Yet, there are many other people who view technology’s changes to communication as a very negative force as it has created a new generation of people who are extremely ignorant in terms of communicating appropriately and effectively. According to the article entitled â€Å"What is Good Communication,† there are distinct characteristics which clearly defines good versus bad communication. In looking at the comparison, it is evident that many of the qualities, which make up â€Å"bad† communication are extremely evident in much of the communication conducted via technology. For example, poor communication has qualities such as â€Å"people wear(ing)masks, the sender attacks the receiver, receiver doesn’t listen to sender, either sender or receiver is distracted, message is garbled or ambiguous, sender has hidden agenda, and one or more of the people involved are overemotional† (â€Å"What is Good Communication†). All of these qualities can be found in how people communicate today due to the influence of technology. This is especially prevalent for Internet based and texting based communication where people are able to hide behind their electronic devices which creates an atmosphe re of anonymity and a false sense of security for the communicators as they are not having to deal with a person in any real capacity. Because of this negative impact, it has become increasingly important in my own life to incorporate the characteristics of good communication with those that I communicate with using methods such as email, Skype, and telephones. People, nowadays, already carry an expectation with them that they are dealing with poor communicators when they technologically communicate with a person. Therefore, I ensure that I strictly

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