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Religion and Reference: Reference Service Problems Essay example -- E

Religion and Reference: Reference Service Problems Abstract The topic of religion can lead to librarian/patron confrontation at the reference desk. This problem can result equally from the over-zealousness of the religious librarian or the disdain of the anti-religious librarian. Most of the discussion on this topic revolves, either explicitly or implicitly, around the ALA’s Library Bill of Rights and Code of Ethics. This article looks at these documents as they pertain to reference service. Then it surveys the discussion about this issue from both secular and religious sources, dividing those sources into categories of those that agree in principle with the ALA and those that disagree with the ALA in principle. Introduction If you want to be popular at dinner parties never discuss politics or religion. The problem with the theory is that politics and religion are the two major methods of socialization. Therefore, people can be expected to have strong opinions on these topics. Since society is not heterogeneous with respect to either of the two, interaction problems can occur. In the library one major area of conflict that can occur is at the reference desk. In this case the problem can result from the feelings of the librarian, the patron, or both. This paper will concentrate on the problems that arise from religious opinions. American Library Association The American Library Association has shown a deep concern for the rights of patrons and the relationship between patrons and librarians in the creation of its Library Bill of Rights and Code of Ethics. This paper will review both documents with respect to their impact on reference librarian professional ethics. All materials discussed in ... ...c library practice (pp. 185-191). Portland, OR: Portland University Press. Smith, G. A. (2000). A philosophy of Christian librarianship. The Christian Librarian, 43 (2), 46-51, 58-59. Smith, G. A. (2002a). Afterword: The future of Christian librarianship. In G. A. Smith (Ed.), Christian librarianship: Essays on the integration of faith and profession (pp. 201-204). Jefferson, NC: McFarland. Smith, G. A. (2002b). The core virtue of Christian librarianship. The Christian Librarian, 45 (2), 46-51. United Nations General Assembly. (1948). Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Retrieved May 16, 2004, from http://www.un.org/Overview/rights.html. Wengert, R. G. (2001). Some ethical aspects of being an informational professional. Library Trends, 49, 486-509. Retrieved May 2, 2004, from the Library Literature (via Wilson Web) database.

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