Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Essay --

In the world of philosophy there are many theory’s that talk about the nature of reality and substance. Right now in the world there are four theories that out show the other ones. These theories are materialism/ physicalism, idealism, transcendental idealism, and dualism. Each one of these theories have good arguments that support their believes, but at the same time they also have their weakness. That is why none of these four theories can be taken off the list of the top 4. Because even though they have their own weakness they have their strong points that make u in a sense think about why that theory is the right one when it comes to the nature of reality and substance. Materialism has many meaning but in philosophy it does not mean that is a person that has many things and that only cares about the material things. In the philosophical world this has a more deep meaning to it. In philosophy this is one of the four theories of the nature of reality and substance. And the theory is that physical matter is the only reality and that all the things like feelings, mind and will can be explained as physical matter. This is basically the believe that everything known to men in this world is physical matter that all the things in imaginations do not exist because they have no physical property’s. The next theory is the theory of idealism. In a regular day basis idealism in basically the ideas that a person follows and believes in in his or hers entire life time. But in the philosophical world it has another meaning to it. In philosophy the meaning of this theory is that all the things in the world and everything that we believe in are part of our consciousness. That all the things even the physical parts are in a way formed from ... ...explained or can be proven that they do exist. Like for instance you cannot prove that there is such thing as a good because that is something like an image that the people have implanted on their mind. There is no proof that shows that there was a god that created the world and the universe that we live in. now why do I say this because according to the theory of materialism everything in this reality has to somehow have some kind of matter substance in it in order to be real. But a god is just a part of our imagination because it is something that we can’t touch and it is something we cannot see. That is why this theory is stronger than its counterpart idealism. Because it is more realistic and it is more logical as to how it can relate to how we live. It is also a theory that can be explained and also it is easier to prove. And it is also better that the other 2.

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