Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Plan for a A Virtual Community for Teenagers on the Web :: Internet Communities Essays cyberspace

Plan for a A Virtual Community for Teenagers on the Web The Internet, though only considered to be approximately a decade old, has blossomed into an incredible method of communication. However, many of the resources contained on the Internet are hard to find, especially for less-experienced users. A virtual community project would ideally consist of all resources needed for high school juniors and seniors to access at any time and at any location. A perfect online community for teens would consist of many useful resources while allowing for expandability as technology advances. The most important factor of a virtual community would be the obligatory desire to visit and use the site. This could be accomplished by utilizing various techniques. A simple yet appealing interface would have to be employed to build a successful online village. Contests would also draw students from around the world to such a site. Daily winners to trivia or knowledge contests, all with some educational component involved, could win prizes supplied by the site's advertisers. Another important element, the aspect of customization, would also draw students to the site. An abundance of popular Internet sites are progressing toward personalization within the confines of their Web presence. All users to the virtual community would enroll using a short but complete registration form directly linked to the main page of the site. The initial form would consist of such straightforward entries as the user's name, e-mail address, ZIP code, time zone, desired username, and password. By using existing technology, the user would be greeted with a "Hello [name]!" message each time that he or she visited the site. The key to a successful community is accessible information about all of the site's users, but a sensitive issue arises with the mention of personal information. Many students and parents feel uncomfortable releasing information about themselves to a worldwide audience. It is important, therefore, that any particular user does not have to submit personal information to be released to all other users of the site. A strong emphasis would be placed on the importance of releasing enough information so that other users could find those students with similar interests. It is important to note that after completing the initial entry form, all registered users could access all services of the site. After providing personal information, users would be able to create a profile utilizing that information to show such information as interests, location, and current classes.

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