Friday, September 13, 2019

Sales Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sales - Coursework Example Q1. Lynn should center her presentation on the reputation of McBath and the company’s new display system. Some of the key selling points that she should discuss include the fact that the display system will not require too much space. She should also include the fact that shoppers already love McBath’s products since the company is different. Another key point that Lynn should use in her presentation is the fact that the display system has actually worked in other new stores and an advertising campaign for the new display system is in the offing. Q2. Stores can be offered quantity discounts when they purchase McBath’s products in bulk. This will encourage stores to buy McBath’s products in large quantities (Munson 209). Stores may also be offered cash discounts when they pay in cash. This will create a healthy working relationship between McBath’s and it’s clients (Rackham 165). Consumer discounts: shoppers may be offered an extra package when they buy three. This will enhance customer loyalty and will encourage new customers to purchase McBath’s products (Schultz, Petrison and Robinson, 116). Resellers may also be offered trade discounts on the products they buy so as to encourage them to keep buying McBath’s products (Rackham 165). Q3: Lynn can use the each of the four discounts to get new accounts. People are normally drawn to products that offer discounts. She can use quantity discounts to encourage Federal and other stores to keep purchasing McBath’s products. She can also use consumer discounts to enhance the sales of McBath’s products in different stores. She can make use of the cash discount offers to encourage the new stores to keep buying the company’s

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