Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Different Strategy Hierarchies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Different Strategy Hierarchies - Essay Example One of the organizations known to practice hierarchy management strategy is the Al-Qaida rebel groups. Â  Organizations deploy different strategies as a way of enhancing their competitiveness in the industry. It is not a surprise that many organizations are still committed to hierarchy management strategy where key strategic decisions are conceived at the head-quarter by the top management organs while the execution of the tasks is delegated to lower levels. According to Williamson (1975; pp.67), social organization is not achievable in without hierarchy in the social set-up. He argued that hierarchy is fundamental in reducing the transaction costs. Since firms operate on a cost-minimization principle, the hierarchy is key to cost efficiency. Grint (2010; pp.43) asserts that for symbolic reasons, the hierarchy is critical since it is founded on the connotation orders of the Holy Sovereignty. Child (2009; pp.502) reasoned that organizational hierarchy is an integrating principle that enhances collective goal orientation and strategy for distributing privileges through the creation of social differentiation in power, status, and reward. Â  This hierarchy mode deviates from the traditional hierarchy that rooted for coercive and authoritative leadership and management styles characterized by top decision makers. Although it retains a few features of Tayloristic flavor, it is more enabling and also revises a number of clauses in Taylorism such as obedient execution by the employees. Porous-hierarchy, therefore, deviates from the traditional and dominant version that is founded on hierarchical power and bureaucracies.

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